Cancer Daily Horoscope |




Nobody wants to walk in your shoes today, my dear Cancer, as you feel attacked by everyone around you.

Some people that you considered friends will criticize you behind your back and judge the way you love your partner, especially if they don't like your other half. Now that you know how they really are, keep a distance.

At least at home, everything is under control as the air flowing around you is calm and satisfying. Communication is essential in a relationship in order for it to work.

Those single will want to shout out to the world and show what they are capable of. Maybe tonight you won't end up in bed alone.


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There will be some serious conflicts in your professional life, as you feel that things aren't going accorded to plan and some are taking advantage of you and other colleagues.

You will show your fighter side and battle as hard as necessary to accomplish your goals. Mars, the god of war is by your side so you gain rights at work.

Fight for your rights and help others in the same situation as you. Also, ask for better work conditions.

You need to fill up your fridge as it is nearly empty, so try and find ways to earn some extra cash. Also, try buying cheaper products at markets instead of going to big supermarkets.


In terms of your wellbeing, everything seems to be fine. You feel relaxed and have slept properly throughout the night, which means that today you are full of energy.

However, you need to use your energy gradually and not all at once. Use it at work, at home and also doing activities that you enjoy such as sports or reading.

You can show your sporty side and go for a nice run in the nearest park, or even join a club and make new friends.

If you enjoy it, you will socialize with new people and it is easier to do sport as a team rather than on your own.