Cancer Daily Horoscope |



You will have a bad mood on the first day of this week, which will also be the last day of this March. Beware of anyone who wants to provoke you, because they can find you!

You will be clear about what you want in life, and above all, you will be sure of what you don't want, what you want to keep away from yourself.

And so, some Cancer who think about ending a love story will have the courage to tell their partner that it's over, and that from Tuesday, each should be on their own.

A difficult ballot, yes, but necessary if you know yourself that gum cannot be stretched more, that what you're living does not convince you or you feel like it.

For those who are happily together and with an educated family, who pay attention to the smallest problems.

And singles, pick up the phone and call whoever is waiting for this to happen.


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Before you will arise various ways to make a lot of money and quickly, but analyze for a moment the situation.

Do you really think it's all legal, or do you see some shadows in the businesses they're proposing to you?

You know very well that nobody gives anything in this life; if you have doubts, you better reject the offer, and use the sweat of your forehead to generate wealth.

Don't be that for amassing some savings and some money you then have to give explanations to justice.


With the present position of Saturn in your sky you should be able to overcome your small health ailments, such as that cough that sometimes gives you problems when it comes to talking at length.

It would be interesting, however, if you passed through the hands of a phoniatrician, or perhaps a vocal coach, if in your work you have to do long expositions.

For example, if you're a teacher or teacher, commercial... And let's not say you're an artist as an actor and singer, or radio announcer!

If insomnia still poisons your nights from time to time, pull out your sword to defeat it: take a generous infusion of lime blossom and valerian before going to bed, rest is assured!