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Dialogue is fundamental within relationships. This will help you avoid stabbing each other in the back and find ways to express your feelings without hurting one and other.

You want to make the most of your time off work and get away from your obligations. Remember to do all of your chores at home, and make sure they are divided equally among you and your partner. When you finish them, you can do as you please.

Aries, being sensitive isn't a bad thing, it means you take things to heart. If you are emotional, there is nothing to worry about, just try to control your feelings and how you express them.

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You need to be honest and analyze your future finances before taking a step forward. Are you sure the boat won't sink?

Your positivism will help you find ways to keep your projects alive and ready to take action. If you are thinking about opening your own business, now is the best time to start taking steps forward. Make sure you ask for professional advice before investing your money.

You might spend a bit too much on nightlife and drinks. Learn to control yourself and say no to going out all of the time.


Spend as long as you need to eat, my dear Cancer. Don't rush your meals. Make a point of sitting down and enjoying your food. If you eat too quickly, you might get indigestion.

The stars favor your personal ambitions. Contact a personal trainer and try to turn that extra fat into muscle. Also, why don't you start a new healthy diet?

Around you, there will be danger, but you know how to overcome them. You are strong and can cope with anything.