Cancer Daily Horoscope |




Being brave is all you can think about, as your love is better than ever due to the fact that you don't keep quiet and tell your partner how you feel. They are the person you dreamed about for years, so make sure you look after them, my dear Cancer!

Obviously, this depends on your emotional status. You might even be in love with the wrong person, but it is up to you to realize this, and it might take some time. Nobody knows you better than your partner, so try to talk to them about how you feel.

Few of you are cowards, but some do lay back and don't try hard enough. Just because you are in a relationship, doesn't mean it will never end. You need to appreciate what you have and make sure you give it your 100%. Magic Horoscope will try to help you when you feel there is nothing to do.

Also, some Cancer will be going through some family issues, as each member has a different version of the same story.


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Pluto has a harmonious aspect, which helps you stay organised, my dear Cancer. Luck will compensate you for your dedication and hard work. Today you will pick the crops, as your seeds have finally flourished.

Sometimes you have a bad temperament and negative attitude, but don't worry because Jupiter will try to tone down your anger. You are meaner than you think at times.

The key is to stop being so sarcastic and choose your words carefully. Negative actions will offend your colleagues and in the long run, will affect your teamwork.



The Sun will remind you that going on a diet isn't easy, but sticking to it will bring you many benefits. Eating soups and red meat isn't the healthiest lifestyle, so try and add some vegetables to your meals.

Soup makes you hungry after a while as it isn't filling. If this happens, you will eat whatever you find and your dieting goes to waste. Buy healthy products from the market, as fresh fruit and vegetables are always better from stalls rather than supermarkets.

Reflect about your actions and stop being so impatient. You don't lose weight overnight, as it takes some time. Set a date and stick to your diet and exercise plan until then. This will keep you motivated.