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Around you, a series of complicated circumstances have accumulated in the family environment.

Older people that are your relatives who need your help because they are already dependent, or conflicts between siblings that require your intervention, for example.

These and so many other obstacles will end up becoming a huge snowball that you will feel trapped.

At least, your partner will be there giving you all their love, offering details to make everything more bearable, and your soul is softer.

Their words, their caresses, will be a wonderful balm for the anguish that sometimes attacks you.


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Now that you are in the middle of the weekend, you must find an interesting place to design your economic strategy for the next seven days.

On the one hand, you should make budgets for daily purchases, food, cleaning products and other items in your home.

But you don't have to stay there: you have to develop a plan for your income to grow, perhaps asking for a salary increase, or finding new clients if you're self-employed.

The key will be, in this last case, that you are worth it, that you show yourself essential for a client or a company to which you provide your service, even if it is paid below what you deserve, Cancer.

And when they are already dependent on you, say that you are not satisfied, that you want them to pay you according to what you deserve, and you will be able to negotiate with them. You'll see.


What is the most important health problem you have today, Cancer?

Because today your well-being is walking on a tightrope, and it is possible that someone may have to help you in some way (perhaps to dress you, or accompany you to a certain place so that you do not go alone).

If you notice that someone wants to take care of you, don't be stubborn and deny their company, because they will be doing so with their best intentions.

Don't be a grouchy person who thinks they're self-sufficient, because there will come a time when you'll need a bubble to help you swim; don't take it away from you, okay?