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The planet Mercury will have an impact on your relationships with your loved ones, which in general will be easy and harmonious.

There's a desire to taste love! Of course, those who already have children, although they will see them grow without any particular difficulty, they will want to find a space for intimacy.

Single crab natives will also be in good shape, ready to look for the last of their shoe. But don't be trustful, and discard if you have a solid quick project in mind.

In love, it is better to go with some tranquility, at least, during this day, according to the indications of the Magic Horoscope.




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Doubts regarding your work are finally known, and if you were pending to know who will be your new team leader, or what will be your new functions finally you will have an answer.

Some natives of Cancer will benefit from the change, while others will simply stay the same, because it will affect them rather little or nothing.

Yes, you will appreciate how you are evolving personally, for you care little that the circumstances of your life evolve: there is no longer any fear of what may come!

If you are thinking of moving, look and look again at the options, and do not stay with the first thing you are offered.

Especially if you're going to mortgage: are you sure you'll want to live in that area indefinitely, forever and ever?


Despair can lead us to believe in magical, almost miraculous remedies for the most common ailments and problems.

Or in the existence of healers and gurus that with their hands can alleviate the pains that science, in principle, does not.

Magic Horoscope tells you this because you will be susceptible today to fall into the hands of swindlers who want to play with your health in exchange for a large sum of money.

Discard anyone who comes with innovative therapies, or with healing gifts from beyond, because their only objective will be what is in your wallet, or in your bank accounts.