Cancer Daily Horoscope |




You have your last taste of May this last week, and you can see that you love yourself, and how you continue loving your partner the way you have down up until now.

You may ask yourself at times if your feelings have been turned off, as your capacity to love is huge, as you cuddle those in your inner cycle to give them a sense of satisfaction.

Continue the way you are as you are doing well and down the right track. Pamper your love story every day and every minute. Be romantic and spontaneous.

Are you a single Aries? Then you should know that there is a Scorpio around the corner waiting for you.

Of course, your nerves may not be especially tempered today and you may make some snide comments that hurt others feelings.


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On this Sunday you will notice a contrast between how well you will do in matters of the heart and how complicated your finances will become. 

You seem to be a bit too impulsive and also an extremist. In fact, certain issues that seemed perfect a couple of weeks ago will now shock you more than ever. You may even think that they are the worst decisions ever. 

To not ruin your current projects, try to be a Cancer that contains themselves, as getting angry really doesn't help the situation. Does it?

The key is not to rush things so that nobody gets hurt along the way. Leave it be, as it will all clear up sooner or later.



The stars brighten up your mental capacity and your creativeness. So, your artistic side can help you channel your anxiety. In with the good, out with the bad.

The sky bets on creative and letters, especially writing skills. How about you get out that old eraser you kept in your wardrobe and write an old fashioned letter?

Nostalgia will overcome you at some point, but Jupiter will stimulate you so that you move forward and now backwards.

If it has been a while since you last brushed your teeth, maybe it is time to do so, or you will continue accumulating bacteria.

Si hace tiempo que no cambias el cepillo de dientes, es hora de que lo lleves a cabo; ahí se acumulan numerosas bacterias.