Cancer Daily Horoscope |




Under the spell of Uranus, your love projects will start to take shape, after a long time waiting. It is time to show what you are made of!

Don't overdo it though. Just try to make yourself feel comfortable and let your heart do the rest. Enjoy the journey, as you will make many memories along the way.

In case you didn't understand, this Tuesday is the right time to leave your single life and start a relationship. Come on, leave your shyness behind and talk to that person you like!

Some will find it harder than expected, as there will be obstacles in your path that only you know how to overcome. Nobody said it was easy.


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Do you have a car under your name, and your responsibility? Then this means that there will be unexpected payments due to little adjustments that need doing. It might even just be paying out the insurance.

Some of you will have to dip into your savings or break your piggy bank that you had been saving up for a future holiday. Others might even be forced to ask for a loan (whether it is from a friend, family or even the bank).

Make sure you pay it back as soon as possible, before the loan increases. Just remember to save monthly, for situations like these.



Your tone isn't as high as usual, due to your nerves betraying you. You don't know how to keep your daily chores and obligations under control. You believe that you have more on your plate than others.

Do whatever you can to burn energy, as you are a bit hyperactive. Also, learn how to control your emotions by doing relaxation exercises or even yoga. It will help you canalize your feelings.

You love to look good, but this comes with a price. Instead of spending so much time in front of the mirror, why don't you go for a run around the block?

Looks aren't everything. Beauty is natural, so there is no need to put so much make up on. Love yourself just the way you are.