Cancer Daily Horoscope |




Inside your relationship there is love, but it does not manifest as much as it should do. And for this, Venus wants to give you advice so that the contact is shown and in the simplest way: through caresses.

If you surprise your partner, nothing better than simple caresses with the tips of your fingers, as if it were part of a game.

And if you want something spicier, maybe you could use a feather in the erogenous zones like the neck, the torso, the crotch or even the feet). Do not be impatient, for you will be able to discover how simple situations are enough to elevate pleasure.

In the singles there will be desire to go hunting, but it is likely that the hearts that you find a shot do not interest you, either because you already know them or because you want to keep them away, as dictated by your intuition!

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In terms of money issues, you will have to learn to project your voice and give the best of yourself through dialogue, especially if you are a manager or an entrepreneur who has to face difficult situations of various types. Facing them is better than avoiding.

Conflicts always appear in teamwork, as life has shown you many times before, so it will not be necessary to avoid it at all costs, but to know how to transform it into positive dynamics that do not harm results.

This Monday you will be able to show that you are a good leader if you manage to defuse a conflict before the pump explodes and affects your well-being.


What if you challenge yourself to improve your physical appearance, taking advantage of every hour of the day, every moment you have free, even if it is a short period of time?

For example, if the next bus passes by in 10 minutes, use them to do some weight training to gain muscle mass.

You will not have to hurry to enter a sports store to buy some, with two small bottles of water will be enough!

Flex your legs, your back always straight, your eyes to the front, not to the ground. Lift your elbows ten times to the sides while inhaling, then release your arms forward. Repeat and finish keeping the elbows in the air, on the sides, for a few seconds. You will see the results if you do it often!