Cancer Daily Horoscope for April 28

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Are you thinking about increasing the family in number? Because today Venus favors conception, so you'll know whether or not you have anticipated the arrival of one or more babies (because it might not be just one, huh?)

Family planning is not a trivial matter, before bringing children to this world, even for love, you should sit down and do some numbers, foreseeing how much your food and your growth cost, because you may not afford it at the moment.

The saying that children are raised alone or by themselves is more than false, and it's not just food, it's also clothing, footwear, toys, cradle, a fortune at the end of the day!

For singles, there will be a great attraction in the air, possibly with someone who has already enjoyed a couple of dates before, although they have not been very bright.

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A friend will propose plans to make money without leaving home and without making great efforts, all through investments in technology products.

It will assure you that it is a safe bet and that everything will be profit, but you know well that in this life everything that sparkles is not gold.

And if money was so easy to get, we would not all have to spend eight or more hours a day working, right?

Run away from strange dealers, who tomorrow will regret your naiveté, although he will never admit in front of you that he has made a mistake or that some swindlers have seen in him the perfect target to launch his noxious arrows.


A friend or relative will reveal bad news about their health status, and this will lead you to worry about your own.

It does not hurt for you to do a checkup and some blood tests every now and then so you can relax if it is all fine, or act quickly if something is wrong.

Dandelions will be very beneficial for you in infused teas as it is a great ally to combat fluid retention.

It's true that its flavor is not the most pleasant in the world, but you can always throw in the cup another envelope of an infusion that you like more, like a strawberry tea, or orange with cinnamon.