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Cancer Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Touching. That is the best word to define your relationship situation right now, according to the celestial position and the interpretation of the Magic Horoscope.

Also, this Friday will be especially interesting for those relationships that are somewhat stagnant.

Mercury invites you to act with dynamism, to move and to break those heavy bags that burden your common path.

And if you are single, you can knock on the door of that person who makes you have butterflies in your stomach and go one step further.

As far as your family is concerned, Cancer, the stars invite you to have a lot of patience with children if you have, or with those people that you take care of.

Look for sweet words and a little wisdom when dealing with them, because they are not at their best as they try to show you.


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Someone call the firefighters! The Magic Horoscope detects for you a huge and dangerous ability to burn your savings.

You have within you the force of a tornado that invites you to spend money as if what is going to end is not 2018, but the world itself as we know it.

Come on, be strong, and above all, try to develop your most critical sense when shopping. Do you really need that coat, are you going to wear it a lot?

And that film that you like so much, will you see it many times, so many times as to buy it?

As a help, take with you a notebook and score from 1 to 10 the satisfaction that these purchases will give you, so you will realize that they have less value than you thought in the beginning.


Your health is especially good today, as you will enjoy a great desire for activity.

Benefit from this positive influence (which is undoubtedly favored by the stars) to carry out those projects that you usually postpone.

For example, a visit to that forest that you still don't know and that has a reputation for being so beautiful.

On the other hand, if your throat is damaged this Friday, honey will help you just fine.