Magical Horoscope Cancer
Magical Horoscope Cancer |



Cupid's arrows hover over you in a funny but also surprising way, because you are going to notice who awakened in you other feelings.

Beware, above all, if you've spent a few nights of tangled sheets with someone who wouldn't really suit you, either because s/he has other stories out there, or because you belong to different cities or countries, distant and cultures that clash.

But during this day it is not ruled out that the unleashing of passion may end with the organization of plans to culminate in marriage.

Because love can do anything, moves mountains, brings out the good in even the evilest human being, and because starting a very difficult relationship is not a brake on this feeling if it has taken hold of your essence.

This Thursday, then, we could say that if love leads to sex, sex can also lead to love.


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You bid farewell to February with an unconventional spirit regarding money and work, in short, the actions you develop to sustain the foundations of your life.

And it is that around you blow an air that promotes your ability to find alternatives and original solutions to any problem you pose.

Or that you detect yourself because you will also be able to locate the weaknesses of your economy, or that of your business.

And you will know how to block that pipe through which your money goes like a water cannon down the drain.


Are you a Cancer that considers itself a nocturnal animal? The stars indicate that the twilight hour will help you develop your imagination today.

To take care of your skin and the environment at the same time, the stars invite you to change your traditional shower head for a showerhead with a filter.

In general, this last type contains micro-pearls that limit the passage of limestone, so the impact on your skin will be more moderate.

Also, they usually have smaller holes that reduce the flow and save money on our consumption.