Magical Horoscope 7
Cancer Daily Horoscope  | Magic Horoscope


The planets have aligned in a way that love will prevail over everything else, and may sound precious, but not without its complications.

You want to live almost exclusively with your heart one step ahead,  which hardly ever happens to you. You want to get carried away by the flow of your feelings and emotions, but obviously, this may cause some difficulties when you have to be objective.

Those single will walk on the path guided by intuition, but that will not hurt nor harm you at the end of the trail. You will do everything possible to find a relationship that is rich and harmonious, but then you run the risk of mixing love and friendship. This is a dangerous game that tends not to end well.

In terms of family, an old conflict with a brother or cousin can come back to the surface and will be necessary to seek longlasting solutions.

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This Thursday try not to have a jam-packed agenda, full of events and responsibilities because you will need time to overcome the unexpected (which may not be cheap).

You may need to rush out to buy a new washing machine at the nearest shopping center, or you may break down with your car and have to wait for the tow truck. Have patience my dear Cancer, and save your money!

At work, make an effort to smile more and be more cheerful. Make life more comfortable and more pleasant for those with whom you see on a daily basis, whether customers or colleagues.

You will manage to spread your joyful, free spirit and a great sense of humor, that way the obligations in life will be less tedious and stressful than normal. For as dark as you may see the path, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.


Dynamic and hard-working, you’re full of vitality! This is how the sky describes you today, as well as being successful in leading your social or family obligations. At the same time, you will cultivate jealousy in your secret garden; your inner patch; and will learn to isolate yourself and regenerate your inner peace.

If you get a chance, start thinking about where you would like to go on holiday, don’t just focus on the leisure side but also someplace to take your health into account.

Maybe somewhere in the mountains, like a natural spa may relieve your stress.