Cancer Daily Horoscope |




It is time to love yourself more, my dear Cancer, and also to put in order that extreme mixture of feelings that you have inside yourself bottling up, that consume you as a person, because melancholy, nostalgia and restlessness are intermingled within you.

The key to improve this is given by the Moon, and that is to return to the present when the past first kidnapped you. This also refers to when you get overwhelmed thinking about what will happen in the future, if you will continue with your partner, what will happen to your children.

Let yourself get carried away by your senses, live here and now, that life is a precious gift that you have to savor to the voice of now.

And if you go through life at full speed, for a bit to enjoy the landscapes, then not only the goal is the goal but to enjoy the trip.

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The walls have ears and eyes: so be discreet throughout this day and keep your projects in the greatest of secrecy, as well as your true intentions. Or at least, be ambiguous with them.

In this way, you will benefit, with the support of Jupiter, from the most advantageous surprise effect for you, to put yourself above your opponents or competitors.

The Sun will create an alliance with the planet Mercury, and both will help you manage your budget well, which is very important given that the month of May is about to expire. You can pretend a lot with very small figures.


Your health is affected by what you put on your plate in front of you, although this perception usually doesn’t come to your mind, or maybe you choose to not see it.

So on this day discard the prepared meals and look more healthy ones, and if they are salads with raw vegetables, much better.

Precooked foods can cause an imbalance of calories and nutrients because they often lack fresh products and contain foods rich in starch. They are dishes that should be reserved for exceptional situations, okay?

If you want to try new sports, enjoy fencing, which will be very interesting to work in coordination. Prepare your foil!