Cancer Magic Horoscope 6
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You need to be a bit more independent when it comes to love. You cannot spend your life following your partner's footsteps everywhere, as if you don't know what to do. Be critical of yourself and do as you please for a change! Enjoy being you!

Calm down, my dear Cancer, Venus reveals your relationship as positive. Your partner sees you as an independent human being. They are proud of what you have become.

As a single Cancer, the sky will send you someone special. You will appreciate their hearts and what is inside. The rest is just complimentary. Meeting up today with push you closer towards having a relationship, so make the most of this encounter!



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This Saturday, 28th of August you will be calm as your financial state seems to be stable. You see this from a distance, which might be favourable as you get different perspectives.

You should admit that you like to fight a bit, especially if it ends in glory, my dear Cancer. At work, you might turn everything upside down just so others see your criteria and what you are made of.

For some colleagues, it might be a bit uncomfortable being around you, so be careful not to make any enemies.


You have a great capacity to distinguish different smells, which may bring melancholy into your soul. A smell might remind you of a loved one who isn't with you anymore, or of a certain holiday when you were a child. Eating comfort food has the same effect.

It will be good for you to be in contact with nature. Why don't you take your family out for a picnic in the fresh air? Find a meadow where you can play games together and have fun.