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Cancer Daily Horoscope for December 29

Your Horoscope for Saturday
Cancer Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



There is nothing to worry about if you a native of the Cancer sign, because the Magic Horoscope conveys its deepest congratulations.

You will be a magician or a love fairy, who with their powers (mainly through the gift of the word) will achieve that peace and happiness reigns here and there.

You will be a mat that will help that person who needs it to swim, and could even be your partner, because maybe s/he is not as happy as you could imagine.

This may allow you, in the same way, to bring smiles to that person you like (if you are single), or to ask for forgiveness whoever you have done harm (and you will achieve redemption, no doubt).


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Mars hits your economy hard this Saturday, and even if you're in shape and try to dodge it, you'll end up damaged.

This planet will beat your beads like children to a piñata during a birthday party.

Now that you know that the zeros in your savings could disappear, try to lead your life on the most austere course possible.

Also, try not to confuse offers with savings; if you see an item in a store that has been discounted up to half its price, that doesn't mean you've saved 50%, only that you've paid less for that product.

You would be spending money anyway, and it doesn't matter if you pay in cash or by credit card, you will end up paying the same way.


Health problems are an intimate thing, there is no doubt about it, and socially it seems that we have to show ourselves as hard and unbeatable people.

And you know what? The stars invite you to let your guard down a little today, and if you have any ailment, or chronic illness, or even a mental health problem, don't hide it in your conversations.

Although these are difficult matters, the Magic Horoscope will give you the courage to explain your situation to the appropriate person.

You will also be the key for others to tell what happens to them, and everyone will benefit from this.

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