Cancer Daily Horoscope for January 29

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An issue as daily as the proper distribution of tasks can cause an intense schism in the love of Cancer today.

Do you think that your partner escapes much of the responsibilities that should assume within the home? Or perhaps you are the one who does not fulfill what you should?

Whether your answer is the first or the second, there is a storm in your sky, and it will be necessary to find a remedy.

In the distribution of obligations, it's all a matter of talking about what costs you the most and what seems easiest, and leave everything in writing. And of course, to fulfill it later.

If you recently had a love disappointment, the temptation to try again will be at the door, but assess whether the mistakes of the past will be repeated or not.


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Pluto's protection will be noticeable in your budget this Tuesday, as well as all of your financial problems.

Thus, according to the stars, you will have the opportunity to make advantageous investments, which will leave you an important amount of money but not immediately.

Therefore you should analyze what important expenses you have foreseen in the last months before entrusting your money to those necessities, and make sure of if you could take it out if you need it for some problem that is without planning.

Also, before committing yourself, find out exactly what you expect from that investment, ask specialists, because there are still better options for you.


New (and benign) winds blow over your weather vane, Cancer, so if you want to change something in your life, it's the day to do it.

In fact, if you plan to move, this day will be a good time to look for a new house or apartment that suits your needs and interests.

How about taking a walk, if it's slightly better, and looking at all the signs for renting or selling homes, writing down the phone numbers?

You may be pleasantly surprised to find something above your expectations.

Your morale will also be in good shape, and if you've been through some sad days recently, you'll see that this is already part of the story. That you just want to smile.