Cancer Daily Horoscope for April 3

Your Horoscope for Wednesday

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If you form part of a relationship, the tenderness and complicity may be drifting through the air you breathe. This means there will be some sensuality in the air for you to intake.

They can be a certain danger that you need to be aware of: don’t start of an argument with your partner, nor make a scene for no reason, as they don’t deserve such nonsense.

Especially if you kick off in front of people, and some of them you both may know. If will totally destabilize the balance of your love!

MagicHoroscope tells those who are single that be aware as a disappointment is upon them in terms of love. You won’t see people as who they really are, and waking up to reality can be painful.


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Your job environment seems positive as you will engage in a lot of different projects and you won’t be disappointed by any of them. You should give yourself a pat on the back!

Enthusiasm and dynamism may make you feel dizzy up to the point that you jump to conclusions when it comes to ambitious projects.

At least you won’t lose money and your basic needs will be more than covered. You will know when to turn down things you don’t need and avoid risky incidents. Don’t live beyond what you really have.

Your financial situation won’t be completely healthy nor stable so make sure that every penny counts!


To make sure your health is on track, keep away from risky sales online, especially those of medications.

Be careful if you are looking for diet pills to reduce your appetite. Watch out! They may work for some people, but everybody’s metabolism works differently!

The major risk caused by purchasing medicine online is that they may be fake, especially from unknown websites.

And in the best of cases, these fake medicines might not have any effect at all (you just lose your money), and in the worse of cases; they may have some serious side effects.

Therefore, always buy medicine and health products in shops you know are trustworthy, such as your local pharmacy or herbalist that are legal according to the law.

Be cautious, as some sites use fake names or old pharmacy names to scam you, innocent shoppers.