Cancer Daily Horoscope |



Jealousy is a very dangerous game, and in the past, there was collateral damage for doing things without thinking about the consequences, right?

But this Sunday, Cancer is taken over by a mischievous spirit that wants to laugh at you.

Try not to let yourself be dragged to hell no matter how much you like it, because you will pay the consequences at the price of real gold.

Those people who are getting to know someone new, to be careful if they see that the habits or attitudes of the other person are not what you are interested in.

Don't nullify your essence by pleasing someone you don't know if they will be with you for two days, a month, or maybe a lifetime. Because the important thing is that you always remain yourself, in an authentic way.


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Those dreams you had when you were a kid, have they come true? Not all of them, right, Cancer? And for the most varied reasons, no one can doubt it, nor his word.

And sometimes you forget to set new goals in life that make you get your claws (as well as the best of yourself).

But you know, Jupiter today favors that you put on the shield of a warrior and fight for those dreams of yesterday and return to be fully valid.

The world of the arts, on the other hand, will be interesting if you want to make money by buying and selling, or even by sponsoring an emerging value.


Lack of time (and forgetting to look at the clock to control it) today will be a constant in your life.

In this way, it turns out that you may neglect certain important matters, but you will be able to organize yourself to fulfill all and everything.

When it comes to health, the truth is that you will feel quite decent, better than in the last few days, although you will not get to have the energies at their maximum charge.

Before making decisions that affect your wellbeing, try to talk to a specialist doctor, do not let yourself be carried away by charlatans without scientific endorsement.