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Do you remember when throughout 2018 you thought how many things you would do next year?

Well, that period is here, and you and your partner should already consider what new steps you are going to climb in the twelve months ahead.

You still need to look for new communication tools, maybe a couple therapist, to help you channel your thoughts, ideas, and feelings.

Single? In that case, you won't have lost much with anyone, it's not a day when the harvest of love is going to fill your heart, at least, as you deserve.

Besides, you're not so bad on your own either, don't obsess about finding your better half, because you're just an orange.


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Your reputation can be sullied during this day, because the stars do not take care of you in matters of employment and money.

The problem is that you yourself will be your main enemy, Cancer, and your tongue will go faster than your mind.

Thus, avoid making judgments about how other people behave, because you still have much more to keep quiet about what comes to mind.

Everyone in life makes more or less visible mistakes, but maybe one of yours from the past can come to the fore and make you swallow each and every one of your words.

Now you know that you have to be prudent (you know well that prudence is a virtue), so try to go with cautious steps in your career path.


Can you breathe well? The question is related to what the stars say about you, because they foresee some discomfort with the respiratory system.

If nasal congestion strikes you hard, steaming with an infusion of lemon balm is very good, as well as cheap.

You will only have to boil some leaves of this medicinal plant, and breathe its vapors covering your head with a towel.

It has calming properties and is perfect both for colds and for an allergy attack.