Cancer Daily Horoscope for June 3

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The Cancer sky will shine high when it comes to love between couples, because Venus will be your great ally, who will pamper your hearts, and will heal the wounds that could have tried to break your heart.

Your relationship with your spouse will be very calm, happy and more sensual too, even if during the weekend there was thunder and rain. It seems that the sun is finally coming out.

Those who are single are not free to live love at first sight, to be reckless to do anything for someone they know in a sudden and surprising way. You would not believe it if they told you!

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There are no chains pulling you down as you are dynamic and know when to take off the weight you are carrying on your shoulders.

Even if the weather does not allow it, you need to ventilate your mind and receive new inspiring ideas; luckily, the muses have an appointment with you and they will fill you with fruitful proposals that will help you move forward.

Also, you should know that the place where the most novel yet risky thoughts arrive will not be locked up in a wardrobe. They will occur between outdoor walks and visits to your friends.

This type of activities will allow saying goodbye to the nervousness, you will be relaxed, Cancer, and you will step firmly on the ground that you have in front of you. Also, avoid those who only wish bad upon you.

To earn more money, you could consider getting a second job,  perhaps giving private classes or walking dogs.


As the time has come, Mars will help you enjoy the little things in life, such as getting into shape.

Have you rested both your body and your mental state correctly during this weekend, or have you been a rebel who has not slept at all? If not, today will feel never-ending.  

Do an exercise of reflection, trying to become aware of your limits, and stopping as soon as you feel tired, mentally or physically. And smile, whenever you can, which is something very beautiful.