Cancer Daily Horoscope for May 3

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You feel more than ever on your shoulders the burden of family responsibilities, you will feel that you are the locomotive that keeps your house up and running and that you do not want to see the good things that your partner or other people do.

The Magical Horoscope will give you the courage to take them on courageously, so there's not much to fear, okay?

You will be convinced that, despite the limitations and disadvantages, family life often gives you deep joys that cannot be explained with words.

And when the day is over, the feeling will be much more positive, and you'll go to bed thinking about what you could do tomorrow to make everyone at least as happy as they are today.

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The planet Saturn can help you, my dear Cancer, to improve your standard of living or, on the contrary, seriously threaten the balance of your budgets.

You will have two sides of the same coin throughout this day, but the most basic thing is to have a cool head. Seeing both perspectives sometimes helps.

If you stay lucid and manage to adapt to reality without believing in magicians or fairy godmothers you will have positive accounts.

Otherwise, Cancer, your bad decisions could put you in a delicate situation and in which many end up pointing you as an example that everyone should avoid. Be careful with your reputation, how much it cost you to earn it!


You will go a little too far with arrogance during this day, Cancer, and you will presume that nobody has anything to teach you to take care of your health.

It will be difficult to deal with you and make you see the reason to disregard certain habits that hurt you, as you will not want to hear more than your own voice.

If it is about losing a few kilos, the Magic Horoscope reminds you how it is useless to put your health at risk by submitting to a regime of severe deprivation, in which some of the most normal foods are forbidden as if they were the devil himself.

Do not sin of excessive, limit your consumption of sugar and fat, that will be enough to gradually lower, thanks also to the support of the planet Mercury, which has a benign influence on your sky.