Cancer Daily Horoscope for April 30

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Up to three planets of the Magical Horoscope affect the sky in your love life, and there is bad news: probably, the romances that begin today will not go far later on in time.

Do not become rigid, and open up your gates to new encounters, fill your contact schedule for moments when there is a drought.

In any case, what you are looking for is not simple; as you are waiting for a soul mate from heaven to marry you.

At least, you do not expect your wallet to be full of money.

The message for those who live a conjugal relationship is that you should not concentrate too much on the small defects of their partner, because only then can married life be pleasant to live. Nobody is perfect.

Your main worries will be domestic and many will want to cultivate your inner garden.

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You will have to control your ego and your bad temper if you want to prosper economically because it is expected that there will be a confrontation coming soon.

The most likely to happen is that you have to negotiate or deal in your trade with someone with whom you had an open war in the past for personal disloyalties.

You will have no choice but to swallow vermin if you want the money to enter your accounts through that individual. Good luck with that!

If you are thinking about acquiring a new phone, do not be blinded by brands; look for an economic and effective option.


Your head is already thinking about holidays, but you should have your mind set on resting and not living life to the fullest.

If you just go looking for the party and night drinks your liver could seriously suffer, as you know from past experiences.

Magic Horoscope invites you to look for health tourism, perhaps a weekend in a hot springs spa, or hotels that have aquatic circuits with massages and hot and cold water baths that reactivate your circulation. Warm water soothes the soul.

Try to step a bit on the brakes in your life, you go to a thousand and do not realize how on the mental plane you are a pure contradiction, that preaches a thing and acts in a just opposite way.