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Has Venus, the goddess of love gone crazy? It certainly looks like it! Today your love life is upside down: you see everything good as bad, and whatever is bad you see good. Try to keep positive and enjoy your day!

Couples seem to be drifting apart. It isn't because of physical attraction or love, but because you don't see each other enough and don't appreciate one another! 

Some of you will have to fasten your seatbelt, as you will feel a strong attraction to others, as you like someone of authority, such as a teacher, your lawyer or even your boss! Keep your hands to yourself!

As a single Cancer, maybe it is time to find a loved one. You wish to wake up with someone by your side every morning.


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Your day won't get any better in money matters, as the stars have provoked those around you. You won't know when to stop talking and this makes the situation even worse. You like to keep everything organized but then, you are lazy when it comes to starting new projects.

Take a step back before it is too late and you repent. Come back down to Earth and reality. A good choice of words will help you benefit from meetings. Irony and sarcasm are out of the picture, so be positive and put on your best smile. You don't want to upset anybody, especially colleagues or your superiors.



You will walk through a maze of emotions, as you don't know where you are heading, and feel out of place.

You need time to think things over before taking another step in life and think about what is best for you rather than for others. 

Whatever others say about you, ignore them. Society loves to criticize, but you know the truth and that is all that really matters. They just try to hurt you, so don't let them. If you ignore, they will stop.

Meditation will help you keep your anxiety and nerves under control. Make sure you listen to your inner soul and focus on yourself for a change.