Cancer Daily Horoscope |



Your mood all day long won't exactly be the best, Cancer: far from it.

You walk around quite sour in your words and with looks at the people around you who are frankly dry.

In that sense, you will be born with an irrepressible desire to ask your partner to change certain habits and customs that until now had not bothered you.

Oh, what a mistake you can make as your lips are faster than the thoughts that circulate in your brain!

Because when we love we have to accept the other person with their virtues and defects, we cannot model them as if they were a clay figure.


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You wake up this Wednesday with a strange feeling because there's something in your accounts that doesn't fit you, you think the money is escaping through a sinkhole and you can't find the leak.

The stars advise you to take only a couple of minutes each morning to review your finances: that time will be more than enough.

Look at the state of your accounts and how much money you have in cash, and write it down in an agenda; if you carry out this action every day you will be able to locate those possible problems, Cancer.

And in the same way, you will be able to make progress in your projects, knowing which faucets are better to close radically.

In fact, you may be surprised to discover that you still pay fees you thought were extinct, such as the one belonging to a cultural association you no longer visit, or the gym you haven't been to for months to get fit.


The overall tone of your health will be quite decent during this day; something had to go right for you, after how complicated love and money are, right?

You won't have to suffer from new problems, and if you're waiting for certain tests, the news will be flattering.

So you can afford a quiet day, and even the stars encourage you to skip your diet in moderation.

The green color, in addition, will give you power this day, carry with you something of this tone (a bracelet, socks ...)