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You know exactly what to do in order to attack those evil presences trying to hurt your relationship. You don't want to pretend you are fine, so be honest. You need to learn to fend for yourself. Your partner is a compliment to your life, and you need to learn to stick up for what you believe in.

There will be temptations within your relationship, as you wish to bite the sacred apple. Just think before you do anything. Is a one-night stand worth risking what you have with your partner? Try to control your impulses.

Those single Cancer wish to have dates that end differently. You always end up walking home and then never seeing them again. What if you went out for a drink after having dinner and have a laugh? You might even end up in bed together.



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The sky invites you to push your foot down and speed up a little, unless you want to spend more hours in the office. You seem to be a bit too relaxed. Even though you reach your goals, you could do so much more. Show the rest what you are capable of, and you will feel proud of your achievements.

Moderate your ambitions and don't make them public straight away. Someone might be watching your every move and trying to steal your ideas!

Concerning your money, you have a tight timetable this Monday. However, you should find time to balance your accounts and make sure it is all fine.



Your imagination is great and you are full of energy. You never get bored as you don't sit still! Nobody could ever call you lazy as you run around like a headless chicken!

However, find activities that help you wind down and relax your body. Why don't you take up pottery or painting? I It helps keep your concentration stable and your focus on the target.

You like to lay there looking up at the stars. Why don't you ask your partner to have a candlelight dinner in the garden? It will be romantic!