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Cancer Daily Horoscope for December 31

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As the year is coming to an end, try to bring out forever those ghosts you often struggle with in matters of love.

It's time to empty the backpack if you want to live during 2019 some of the best moments of your life because as you know, the most positive and brilliant is always to come.

And that's the attitude you have to maintain, you know, Cancer? Think that everything lived so far can be good and fun.

But that in the most imminent future everything will be brighter and more intense, and you will feel that your heart beats, burns, flies full of fantasy and hope.

By the way, if you are single... Maybe you'll welcome this 2019 very well accompanied, although by someone who was part of your life, a spiritual resurrection that can make you very happy.


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Tonight at twelve o'clock sharp 2018 will have expired, it will have gone down in history, and with it, your bad economic habits must also die.

Or so it should be, just as the stars advise you (and let it be known that you have the support of an astral triad in which Pluto, Uranus and Mars unite in your favour).

Try to be as sensible as possible (if you have a couple too many drinks, we know that equal responsibility is not 100%).

However, don't tighten up on expenses and budgets today, whether you're partying or organizing a dinner at home with a luxury menu.

You deserve that and more, and above all, on December 31st!


This day is ideal for analyzing the passage of time, and how we are getting older by leaps and bounds.

Think about it, and think about how you will take care of your health from now on, albeit lightly.

Because before you know it, not 2019 but 2020 will be there, and then you'll think again about how fast the months go by.

It is also time to improve our well-being, but as a simple investment for the future.