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Just as you set aside time to go to the gym, to eat, or even to leave your home earlier when you go to work so as not to deal with traffic jams, why don't you spend time every day with your partner?

Watch out, eating together with the news on the computer ot television, the stars, and especially Venus, want to emphasize quality time.

May you be able to tell each other about your problems while looking into each other's eyes, and not with your head bowed down, paying full attention to the mobile phone.

In fact, when you are together, the ideal is to put the phones in a drawer, and when you finish living your moment of intimacy, you pick them up again.

If you lived a love disappointment, Cancer, the wound you closed can bleed again, by a message on social networks, or because you are on the street to that person who hurt your heart.


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The combination of Jupiter and Uranus on your sky invites you to think about the future, and to be someone who saves resources for tomorrow.

Now that February is about to arrive, consider saving a fifth of your benefits for future emergencies.

No matter how much you think nothing has to happen to you, the unexpected ends up happening, Cancer.

In fact, you will see in a person close to you the perfect example of someone who was very forward-looking and now cries not to have been even more cautious.


You will know of health problems of a person you love very much, but you will not know exactly what happens to them, because you do not know the symptoms of the disease.

This can help you to reflect on how little you are interested in reading about illnesses, not because you may suffer it, but to help the sick.

In society there is great ignorance, for example, about mental health illnesses, and it is even used as an insult to be a bipolar person or suffer schizophrenia.

In that sense, try to document yourself better and show from now on more empathy for people who have to fight against multiple social stigmas.