Cancer Daily Horoscope |




You may feel tired and overwhelmed as this week has finally come to an end, and you are now entering the eighth month of the year. Times flies! This may take a turn on your relationship.

Your instincts believe that your partner doesn't understand you, and also doesn't have to intention to try to either. Your relationship has hit the rocks.

There is tension in the air, as you are lacking love and wish for a dreamy partner.

Due to this, you may dream of the perfect partner, someone who cares about you; listens to you and also takes you away to spend time together.



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After playing games you will realize that business and money aren't what you expected, as someone who you completely had faith in, has been playing their cards separately and against you.

Treason will affect your economy this Sunday, as you didn't expect these actions to happen.

This will make you think things over and start questioning who you can trust. You want to do it all on your own as your trust level is low. However, don't lose faith in humanity!

Saying that, make sure to turn off the lights when you aren't using them, as it will save you money when your electric bill arrives and it also contributes towards helping the environment.

If you can, try to recycle more, or even reuse objects more than once. You can always fix something that was broken instead of buying a new one.



You seem to want to redo your whole house, such as spring cleaning from top to bottom and even moving your furniture around.

The idea isn't a bad one, as changing furniture's place in your home helps your state of mind become more positive as the airflow changes direction.

Moving your sofa around and placing it where you have the TV cabinet will let the negative energies leave your environment so that there is only room for positive vibes.

In terms of health, you are fine. You can do your chores but don't overdo it, especially if heavy lifting is involved.