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Nothing in this life is definitive except death, Cancer, and the sentimental ruptures that are carried out as an end could have a return at some point.

The Magic Horoscope tells you this because it is not necessary to burn your ships if you have lived a recent breakup.

Your heart will be open sooner rather than later for indulgence and forgiveness, and although you would think it is madness to ignore everything that has happened and turn the page, you would know how to do it and successfully.

This astral climate is also reflected in the rest of the natives of Cancer, both with a partner and if they are single.

Passion will be mild but beautiful, and glances can communicate much more than words and eternal dialogues.


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Savings are like your parents' house, something we can return to when life goes wrong and we don't know which path to choose in life.

Have you ever thought about it? You should do it, above all, to get down to work, looking for new ways to cut costs.

For example, do you use all the minutes and all the speed your mobile phone company gives you to use social networks and so on?

Maybe you could switch to a cheaper company, and even compare prices and go to the competition if it's cheaper.

It's all a matter of taking out your notebook (or your computer's spreadsheet) and doing some numbers.


It's possible that this Christmas you've had a few dances with family and friends, and that's great because you socialize as you shake your body.

However, Cancer, you could go one step further and sign up for dance or ballet classes, which will be very positive for your elasticity as well as your concentration.

Don't be shy and think that these things are not for you, you might be surprised, and even bring to light aspects that you had asleep!

And if not, opt for Pilates, which extols the use of the mind to control the body through balance.