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Love is the feeling that allows the sun to shine every day, don't doubt it, and if you love someone, you don't have to keep it to yourself.

Leave your modesty aside and shout out loud the happiness that brings you that man or woman who helps you smile.

It can become somewhat complex this situation if your loved one already has another partner, or you're living an adventure out of your marriage.

However, life is short and volatile, and you should spend every day with the person you really love. Be strong and brave, play your cards in that direction today.


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What makes you different in this world sometimes you try to camouflage it, perhaps thinking that the best thing is to be the same as everyone else, one more sheep in the flock.

Alarms! Mistake! The stars of the Magic Horoscope want to take you out of this perception that hits you, perhaps the fruit of traumas from the past.

Because on this Monday, to shine, you must enhance what makes you a unique person, you have to invite them to bet on you and not on others.

Your exclusive and original point of view will allow you to reach future riches, as long as you are your number 1 fan, your greatest defender, without letting anyone do you any less.

You have to be the rainbow that shines in your sky, and the sun that illuminates the darkest corners of your mind, which sometimes clouds your perception of reality.


Although for some things you are a science person, in other aspects you let yourself be convinced by any smoke salesman in matters such as your health.

Be wary of charlatans who are close to you, and who assure you, for example, that vaccines are bad for you or your children.

All that would be missing would be for you to end up suffering problems in the future due to some virus outbreak, from illnesses that were already almost extinct!

When it's time to eat, remember to avoid fried and battered foods, which shorten your life, because they will fill your stomach, yes, but they don't bring anything good to your heart.