Cancer Magic Horoscope 5
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We are slaves of our own words. Once said, you cannot take them back. On this Friday, your partner will want you to go through with your promises, such as changing your attitude or get rid of certain friendships that are toxic.

If you continue this way, your trust issues will run low and nobody will believe you, like the boy who cried wolf. If you keep saying you will change but you don't, you might end up alone. You need to try your best and do whatever is in your power to become a better person, my dear Cancer. 

Stand up to your worries, so that you can move forward. Remember that you need to love and respect yourself, otherwise you won't accept your sins.



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You feel comfortable at work, as you get on great with your colleagues and there is no uncomfortable tension in the environment. Stop being so stubborn and apologize if you are wrong. Sulking in the corner won't fix the situation.

You need to look after your mind, as you are stressed. If you don't learn to take breaks, it will be hard for you to focus on your ideas and proposals.

In order to be a good negotiator, the stars believe you should practice at home on your family. They will give you positive and critical feedback.



You are full of positive vibes and you will be able to overcome any commitment that seems too hard for you to finish.

Remember that you aren't alone, as you have many people that love you. They are there to catch you if you fall, my dear Cancer.

Enjoy the sky's flexibility, as you will be able to move about commitments. Don't question your success, you deserve it. You have worked extra hard and now it is paying off. You have the right to enjoy life and have a positive state of mind.

You will receive some news about your health. Some sources won't be reliable, so go to your doctor and ask for information.