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Your responsibility level is excellent, when it isn't excessive. You want your life to be organized, but sometimes you go over the limit and become a maniac, which may annoy your loved ones.

You seem to act as if you are your partner's parent rather than a lover. Stop telling them off for not sweeping the floor. They don't have to do it straight away as you wish, they can always do it later. Relax.

Your heart needs a break from reality, to find yourself and balance out whether your relationship is worth hanging on to or not. 

If you do leave reality for a while, you will soon be home sick and wish to go back. Just remember, when you return nothing will be the same.

Those who are single have initiative. It is up to you to make things happen, they don't just fall on your lap.


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You are getting better and better at finances, as it has become one of your talents. This will let you live a better lifestyle than before.

There will be times in which you show how hardworking you are, and some people will come to you for advice. Give it to them free of charge, but keep your secrets to yourself!

There will be fortune for those Cancer that are in a process of selection, or even sitting important exams. You will be the one!

The contract you have always dreamed of is getting close, so get ready for your new life.



Today is a gorgeous day, full of positive energy, a contagious vibe in the air, and it will push you towards exercise. It is telling you to get up and move your body!

For some, being hyperactive may cause you to be a little irresponsible at times. Remember, just because you are enjoying yourself doesn't mean you have to overdo it! Otherwise, you will ache in the morning.

You have become quite clumsy, as you don't know how to control your emotions and this will cause insomnia. If you don't sleep enough, you may face a nervous breakdown, so make sure you control your sleep pattern and your mental state will be fine.