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Mars will double your appetite for love, which is much more than usual. He will help you try to conquer that person you love or even get back with your ex as you broke up due to a misunderstanding. 

Many planets have aligned so that your environment is positive in terms of love so that affection comes easy to you and those around you. You need to let love flow on its own. 

In general terms, you are full of power which is a good sign. However, you need to share your wisdom with others or your pleasure won't be strong enough. 

There may be some setbacks as you need to have a long talk with your partner about having more children. Are you ready? Is your income enough? There are many things to think about.

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Your concentration may fail if you are rushing things too quickly. Your finances will be affected if you don't take your time. You thought that investing all your money was a good idea, but now you see that is wasn't.

Take time to analyze the situation and take action before it gets worse. You will need to start over again by saving up and maybe even working extra hours in order to pay off all of your bills, especially if you recently took out a mortgage.

Express your opinion more often, but only when it is necessary. Ask experts if necessary so that the air around you is calmer, my dear Cancer.



The word diet seems to be your worst nightmare, but it doesn't have to be. The stereotype diet consists of cutting out certain foods cold turkey, but what about if you just eat healthily and maybe have a cheat meal every now and then?

All you need to do is listen to your stomach. If you feel hungry, eat a healthy snack such as fruit or sugar-free biscuits. You need to keep your mind set on what you want to become.

You need to eat balanced meals that contain vegetables, fruit, calcium and many other vitamins.

If you are starting a diet, if you also do some exercise the results will be spectacular! Maybe going for short walks, bike rides with your partner or even the gym will make you feel so much better!