Cancer Daily Horoscope |



Because of Saturn's position, the habits and routine in your life as a couple will seem totally intolerable. You won't want them for yourself!

You will miss past times when you thought everything was better; so much so that some of the crab's natives will miss a partner from the past who they shouldn't.

Stop desiring a radical change in your life and in your love as if you were asking a genie of a magic lamp to change everything by itself, Cancer, and you start to provoke that evolution, now, right now.


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Your most guerrilla spirit has woken up with the desire to set fire to anyone who dares to commit any injustice with you or one of yours.

So you can be blinded by a lack of sense, especially if it gives you to claim now certain things of the past, which you had to have battled at the time.

To go back to situations that in the past, due to laziness or lack of time, you let pass will be more than difficult, and the truth, you have more to lose than to win.

In your domestic economy, the best thing is to discard the risks or make inventions believing that your wealth will multiply.

Alchemy promised to turn lead into gold, but you don't have Nicolas Flamel's knowledge, do you? So go back to this world, and manage the money the way it's always been done.


Try to find the balance between work and family obligations with the moments of rest, Cancer.

You think you can maintain the current pace, but be honest: you are not setting your own pace, you are giving yourself to the world beyond your possibilities.

Also, the stars ask you a question about your health. And that is: when you watch over your oral health, do you remember to give your tongue the attention it deserves?

Because today it could give you some discomfort, and as you know, sometimes this organ makes us feel itchy and irritated.

It may be due to the ingestion of medicines, because you are using a prosthesis that is badly adjusted... or because you are accustomed to eating very hot food!