Cancer Daily Horoscope for May 5

Your Horoscope for Sunday
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There are times (and more that come with the weekend) in which you get a little crazy, everything bothers you and you crave more than the universe can give you.

But today you will know how to be happy for yourself and you will spread your goodness to others. The planet Jupiter will inspire you to let yourself go, to live the desires without trying to understand everything and control everything.

The only thing that the Magic Horoscope does recommend is that you protect your spouse, since there are vampires willing to sink their fangs into their hearts.

Open yourself to your partner, take off the masks that disguise you as an idyllic love relationship, and thus you can maintain your esteem and affection.

The bachelor will sail in oceans of voluptuousness, and happiness will be almost perfect, and enjoy it because you will soon have emotional complications.

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In terms of leisure, you should be more careful as your desire to go to the theater can make an evening become an excessive luxury, that may cost you an arm and a leg!

Surely if you surf a bit through the Internet, you will be able to find tickets at a lower price than at the box office. Anything is good if you save a bit! There is no need to pay extra for no reason.

Jupiter will push you to consolidate your professional position, so do not cancel the appointments you have on this day.

You're going to maneuver so well that I could get a breakthrough in an issue where you were starting to despair. In any case, your work will give you full satisfaction, and you will have a very high head.

In the event that it is your turn to spend Sunday studying, burning a little incense will help you to concentrate much more.


To lose weight it is better that you decide how and when to start the diet, before you put on more weight. Better now than when the scale marks another three stone, don’t you think?

Your problem this Sunday will be to find a balance. Good sleep and nature and the environment will undoubtedly be your best allies.

To preserve your energy, do not trip on issues that may invite mistakes, double readings or free interpretations. And if you make a mistake, assume the error amd face the consequences!