Cancer Magic Horoscope 6
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This Saturday, your good mood will make your shared life a little less boring. You know how much you love your life partner, but that doesn't mean that they don't grind your gears sometimes, nor that you can't try to get some fresh air.

Thanks to Venus, during today you'll use all your willpower to make conversations warmer and to make common spirits beacons of light. Before you even know it, the day will have flown by and you'll be ready for more, Cancer.

If you're single, remember that if at first you don't succeed, you should always try again. Crossing your arms in frustration won't get you any new romance.

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As a native Cancer, you're extremely good at saving money, at least for the time being. You've got a third eye that allows you to spot any leak that gets into your accounts, and you shut everything down before you're up to your neck in debt.

This Saturday, you're in for a confidence burst that you need for your future, both personally and with your family. If you've been trapped in a dark pit, you'll start glimpsing some light beams that will show you where the bumps in the road are.

On the other hand, the stars and especially Mercury will help you structure your achievements, to know what part of you should be standing out the most to be successful in business affairs. You'll manage to design new strategies to surprise your rivals or direct competition.

In the same way, you can invest your energy very effectively into actions that give you benefits (in the form of money) on the long run, even in a few months' or years' time.


You'll taste a wonderful sense of wellness in this October air, especially if you're after intellectual experiences with your friends at parties, gatherings or spiritual retreats.

What you like the most is to trust improvisation, you don't feel like following a step-by-step plan; you'll be overwhelmed about seeing any early commitments.

Collective activities will be more than welcome, whether it's about yoga or aerobics, or entering a chess tournament, where your intellect is put to the test.