Cancer Daily Horoscope for September 5

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Is settling down what you want? You have many things to do before taking a step forward in your relationship, as you have been single for some time and now you wish someone loves you deeply.

You start questioning whether it is the right time or if they are the right one. You need the Universe to send you a sign, and then you will know when to give them your heart.

You will tell them you love them, but being a coward and not saying it often enough may cause some issues. Time is priceless, so don't waste it.

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You think you are doing a great job, nearly perfect. You know you have potential but you need to know how to project it into your work.

You need to handle criticism, as it is for your own good. If you learn from your mistakes, the proposals will get better. Don't get angry if they don't enjoy your work. 

There is always a way to fix things before it is too late, so accept these recommendations and thank those who want to help you.

You will receive some extra income and this will benefit your future. They will be positive, as you will start to roll in money.

Try to find an alternative just in case your investments don't go as planned.


Get your cookbooks out and make a nice home-cooked meal full of nutrients (which your body need right now). Don't eat too many calories, as you won't know when to stop. Buy local products, as they are always healthier, my dear Cancer.

Your mind should focus on your body. Your body is your temple and you need to worship it. You are free to think good or bad about yourself but never go to your dark place. It is hard to come back out again after.

Why don't you change your feelings and learn how to love yourself a little bit more? You should like your body and accept who you really are. You are in better shape than you actually thought.