Cancer Daily Horoscope |



There is a small love hurricane around you that affects your relationship with some members of your family.

There are opposing positions that will be difficult to put in common, because neither of the two parties (you either) intend to give the arm to twist.

Oh, Cancer, how stubborn you can be on many occasions, and how easy it is to blame exclusively the other side for all the evils that plague the world.

As if you could not also put your grain of sand and selflessly to make the universe a more beautiful place.

Your partner will be there to listen to you, but they won't give you all their support or feel sorry for you, because the reason, the truth, is that they won't be on your side.


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You never start to analyze why you don't save as much as you want, one of the main problems you face is that you don't do it automatically.

It is necessary to be constant when it comes to keeping a part of our savings in the piggy bank, and to have the firm intention of not opening the same one unless it is a matter of first necessity.

Also, it is interesting that you make a small report of your progress, for example through a mobile application, so that you are aware of how your coffers are getting thicker and thicker.


The health problems of people close to you, such as a family member in your care (your youngest child, your grandfather...) may force you to take them to the hospital.

Something that you will do willingly, but that will require you to alter your schedule of obligations and responsibilities this first Wednesday in February.

In addition to this, you should protect yourself from the cold, and not just from your throat and fear of a cold, as we usually think at first.

Changes in temperature and humidity also affect our skin, so you should use creams to make it look perfect.

If you decide to take care of yourself in this sense, the creams should be thick instead of watery, so that the dermis remains more protected.