Cancer Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You are going through a rough patch in which you question everything and everyone around you, especially if you are single, you won't trust anyone.

Love can sometimes come crashing in, faster than light. However, your heart seems to be divided into two and you need to make a decision.

You may live sensuality to the max, by spending many magic hours with that one special person, and that you will never forget. However, you should think about yourself once in a while too.

Your sentimental relationship isn't one of your priorities at the moment, as you would prefer to get intimate with someone rather than discuss what colour to paint the bedroom. Talk to your partner and tell them how you feel.

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Your money situation seems stable with no complications coming your way. You may need to compromise with others in order to meet your goals.

However, remember you are human and that your sense of humour is important. A good work environment goes a long way. Your bosses and colleagues will appreciate it.

If you have power within the company you work, don't be too strict of your employees or they may rebel. You should work side by side and help them whenever necessary.


Yoga, cycling, surf or even volleyball, do whatever sport you please! Just get your body moving! Sport is good for your blood circulation and Magic Horoscope says that you need to get up and exercise more. It will ease your pains.

It doesn't matter how old you are or your incapacities, everyone can do exercise one way or another. In fact, if you are at an advanced age, even walking up the stairs will help. Small steps for those beginners as you don't want to over do it.

To keep away those negative energies in your home, open up your windows and let the breeze come through. Maybe even burning incense will clear the air!

If you are up for it, why don't you move around the distribution of your furniture? They say it is always good to do so once in a while!