Cancer Magic Horoscope 7
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Your primary instincts make you get defensive against your partner: any suggestion they make is a direct affront to you.

You need to learn how to handle your overall emotions, but especially so as far as love is concerned. If you don't take control of this situation you will lose not only what you've already got, but also what you want.

An old flame might get in touch with you if you're single, Cancer. They'll want to know how your life and goals are going, but the ultimate goal is a date.

You know that there won't be any magic sparks reigniting between you, but the flames of passion could indeed get alight. You might have fun, but your tree of love won't root in.

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Don't listen. Let those with a louder opinion say what they want about your job or the way you manage your finances.

Silent fortitude is your biggest asset today, so just do your own thing and act following your sixth sense, matching it up with your personal principles and criteria.

Some of you will wish to buy something as ethereal as time: daily duties are completely holding you down in place, and you'd like to share more quality time with friends or family. Try to juggle your schedule around if you want, but don't expect any miracles.


Be moderately selfish today, Cancer. Being happy from within should be one of your main life priorities. Use this gorgeous Sunday to give in to your whims, while making sure you don't exceed certain limits to avoid losing health in the process, of course.

You might feel especially tempted around food: you'll want to dig into some dishes that you know aren't good for you, or that are overly caloric. To avoid the numbers on the scale from going up in the future, remember to exercise some more through the upcoming week.

Toothache can get really uncomfortable, and even unbearable sometimes. To avoid your mouth from causing any issues, start looking for your dentist's number and have them assess your case.