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Planet Mars is everything but harmonic... And that instability is somehow representative of your relationship with love, with your partner.

Try to control yourself, because you have an aggressive spirit that can cause anyone to get tired of you no matter how much they love you, even the most conciliatory people can snort as soon as you walk through the door.

In the same way, romances will be very disturbed for those who are single, who today will have a special taste for independence, even beyond their means, again, as a consequence of the position of Mars.

If the clashes in the air occur, Cancer, be assured that the first and main victim will be you, and in a way, you will also be the executioner.


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After the weekend, you will give a lot of your time (and also energy) to carry out the projects that you classify as important to you.

Some unexpected obstacles may appear, and with them, your achievements will be delayed, just as your patience will be tested (although Neptune will support you in that sense).

Keep your back safe anyway, because there will be people who don't appreciate you much and who want to steal from you. Not the wallet or the watch, but something almost worse: your ideas, your thoughts, your concerns.

Protect well all your intellectual properties, if only just in case, okay?


The alarms about your health are weak, Cancer, and in case you have to worry about something, it is the sun.

So, take care of your skin if you are going to receive a sunbath, and be wary of popular myths and beliefs such as not to use suncream if the day is rather cloudy.

Also, learn to accept your limits, especially if you exercise (don't you get the feeling that there are more gyms than ever before?).

Excessive physical activity can be very counterproductive, to the point that your performance can be reduced (not to mention injuries!).