Cancer Daily Horoscope for July 7

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You always express your ideas and your way of life, but you aren't aware that you force it upon others when may have a negative effect.

Today you are conscious of what is around you but your partner is driving you crazy and every word they say irritates you. You wish they could be a bit more empathetic and listen to your feelings.

For those Cancer that are single, the stars see that you aren't in a good mood and have too many expectations when it comes to love.

Due to such an attitude, your day will be quite boring as you won't have a new chapter in your love story.

It is never too late to change your attitude and give love a chance.

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Your temperament is impulsive and you need to be aware that jumping to conclusions and spending money without thinking  may cause some problems in the future. 

You need patience and a warm heart to help others. They may be going through a rough patch and you want to help them out. You are a good person, my dear Cancer!

Those people who aren't generous will be alone as others won't want to help you out or even be around you. You need to be empathetic. What goes around, comes around. 

You need to think about, what if it was you going through a hard time? Wouldn't you want help?


Cleaning and hygiene have come to an obsession for you throughout this day, as you want everything spotless.

Are you relaxing and having a lazy Sunday? This isn't an excuse to not tidy up and have a clean house! If you do a little bit every day, then it doesn't seem to tiring.

Make sure that your bathroom and kitchen are spotless at all times as bacteria can grow quickly, which you certainly do not want!

If you feel that you are retaining liquid, sit down and have a nice hot tea or infusion to relieve the pain.