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You're a native perfectly valid at self-care. You might not be at your best right now, but you don't need anyone to comfort you or tell you that you need to move on.

Cancer, you'll rise like a phoenix from your own ashes, especially if you've chosen to get away from your daily environment and have gone on a trip.

Let yourself go a little and you might be surprised to have quite a nice encounter with someone who draws a big smile on your face. You'll feel butterflies fluttering around your belly, and you'll reconnect with the world if it treated you badly.

If you're in a couple, you'll be filled with good vibrations and fend off any foul spirits roaming around your house. If your couple is having a rough time right now (perhaps a depression stage), the stars will help out to solve any issues that might break your love story.


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Technology makes our life easier when working in this day and age, as long as it doesn't break down, right?

Today you'll feel sorry about being slightly addicted to your phone, computer or Internet. You'll have a few issues that'll delay your day of work, with video presentations not working, or phone interviews that'll be cut short because of a bad connection.

Get all loaded up in patience, and don't leave any issues open-ended. There's business that you're better off sorting out today, because if you sort them out tomorrow, you might have let something important slide under your nose.


This Monday you won't like what you see in the mirror. You won't be pleased about having to admit that years go by, and you'll look for new beauty treatments to fight aging.

Buying creams will be great, but don't forget that nothing brings a younger flair than a healthy life where there's no abuse of greasy foods, cigarettes or alcohol.

If you're a Cancer native attending the gym or the endocrinologist, you're impatient to see whether the time you've invested in taking good care of yourself has paid off.