Cancer Daily Horoscope |




Even if you don’t fancy it, try your best to smile, my dear Cancer. You need to boost the atmosphere with happiness, as everything seems dull around you. You need to be supportive, as your friends need you now more than ever.

Being nice to others opens many doors, especially when you least expect it. Love may even be around the corner if you are single.

In terms of love, this also contains friendship. This means that you might get a call from an old friend whom with you have lost contact. It would be great to catch up with them. Chat the night away!


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Even if you are not interested in investments and finances, this should not get in your way. Maybe today is your chance to try. Put some money upfront and invest in a property.

At home, make sure you balance your accounts properly or you might forget to pay a bill or two. If you live with others, ask them for help and to contribute.

If not, you will have too much stress on your shoulders and your pocket will not be able to pay for everything.

At home, you should try to fix it up a bit, as there are many things that need fixing. Only do those adjustments that you can afford though. If you do it yourself, you also get to spend time with your partner.


You seem to be overwhelmed, my dear Cancer. At night, you wake up all of a sudden and then cannot get back to sleep. A sensation of stress and anxiety is running up and down your spine. Make sure you do something about this. 

There is something else: you feel a bit crazy, as if the Universe is going the other way, against you. Stop walking sideways, and walk straight.

However, the stars will relax you. The Universe is complicated and hard to understand. Hold on as hard as you can, as you are in for a bumpy ride. There will be better times ahead, it will just take time. Make the most of the positive side.