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Spring blossoms only for you on this day, when the intoxicating smell of love is here and there, birds singing around you.

Do you know the most interesting thing? That your life will be the same as always, not unlike yesterday or tomorrow, but the stars want you to enjoy today.

Value every little moment and sensation, every gesture of affection that you make your partner, or every eye that you wink that person who awakens in you beautiful feelings.

Venus has put wings on your back, now you just have to fly high.


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The feeling that your economy is stagnating can overwhelm you, and depending on the case, that perception may be real, or simply your glasses may not allow you to analyze reality.

Why don't you analyze what your real funds are, and not only in the sense of money?

Add up your real estate, the car, even the jewels you have for your house. In the same way, you understand that your possessions are wider than you imagined, Cancer.

In fact, if you have a hole to cover, you could say goodbye to that gold chain that you inherited but that you think is so ugly that you will never wear it again.


You need to better control the amounts of food you put on your plate, because it's pretty hard to leave any food on your plate, isn't it?

During this day, as well as in the following days, try to cook just enough so that there are no extra stews, so that the portions are the necessary ones, and so you won't be tempted to repeat (and therefore, those calories that you end up saving).

Don't get overwhelmed thinking about how the years go by and you get old (watch out, you don't get older just by yourself, everybody does).

And don't think that because you're a certain age, there are things you can't do anymore, because the power inside you has no limits, and therefore, you shouldn't stop at anything.

Doing what you want must be your highest law.