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Is it possible that you woke up with an uncontrollable sense of ridicule?

Shame will attack you real good today, especially if you are single, because at all times you will want to project the best of yourself, not always with luck (no one said the day was going to be easy!).

That fear of not being outstanding can cause you some stress, because you only want your loved one or your partner to idolize you, to value your virtues (and ignore your flaws).

Control your bad mood, which can come at certain times, and ignore the devil who whispers bad things in your ear and only wants to undermine your mood. Be strong!


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The cosmos is generous with you, Cancer, wanting to alleviate the difficulties you usually go through. Who has a calm life in which everything is easy?

So, someone (possibly a fire sign, i.e. Aries, Leo or Sagittarius) will put a cloak on you to make your life easier.

What is not entirely clear is whether this help will come in material form (a salary increase, a gift or present of some kind) or professionally (someone will speak well of your work to open doors in a business, or you will be recommended for a position if you are looking for employment).

Or they might even give you a loan or a mortgage if you've applied for it, and soon your phone will ring with news about it. Stay alert, and with battery on your mobile phone!


How long has it been since you've been in the dentist, Cancer?

A visit to this specialist is worth money that you don't always have, but it is better to prevent certain diseases than to cure them when they have developed.

So, worry about making an appointment with them, and in the meantime, have special care in your oral health, fighting bacterial plaque with effective rinses and using dental floss (something not everyone does).

If you feel like snacking between meals choose to eat apples on this Tuesday, because it will also benefit your mouth and clean your teeth.