Cancer Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Try to begin to replace the notion of happiness with that of joy; this will make your life much more interesting.

Sometimes we tend to mix both concepts and even more in love, but joy is an emotion that is born in an improvised, surprising way.

Something that fits very well with the difficulty involved in maintaining a love relationship, and in fact, joy can sprout even in adversity, when happiness is not even possible.

So on this day try to create a warm and sensual climate, and keep awake the desire of your better half, or everyone if you're single.

In fact, if you don't have a commitment everything will be easy enough as no planet in the Magic Horoscope will affect the areas of your love. You might even find someone to make your heart beat.


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When it comes to money, you may feel stagnant, as if the waters that moved the wheel of your economy were no longer flowing.

Now you want to make things change, force dynamism, and make what you want to happen despite the obstacles and the surrounding inertia.

You know that you will have to be tenacious, and find strategic support to help you achieve the end you want.

If you have to make a commitment gift, don't leave it until the last minute; be cautious and go looking for the best price.


When designing your meals, don't just focus on its nutritional power; also think about how it will affect your sleep.

Because the food you eat closest to bedtime is key to a good night's rest, when the other foods of the day have already been eliminated.

The menu should be a light and satisfying meal, preferably based on proteins, animals or vegetables (lentils, chickpeas or quinoa are a good choice in this sense).

And if you want to include vegetables, let them be cooked, that way you will have better digestion.

If you exercise this Friday, do not make a prolonged effort, as you are at risk of suffering some dizziness.