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Don't keep in any of your feelings: the star environment is friendly, connective and protective. You can, or rather should, do what your heart tells you to. It's a good day to ask out that workmate that makes your heart skip a beat, or to ask your partner to move in together.

Before you even know, this Tuesday will have flown by in the blink of an eye in between sensual secrets and experiences. It's easy for you to communicate, and romantic exchanges are always rewarding.

In the same way, today you'll be able to reach very positive long-term agreements within your relationship. You can break some quite stiff rules that conditioned your freedom. If you wish to open up the door to new people, or experience a polyamorous relationship, the stars encourage you to tell your partner about it.


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As a Cancer native, circumstances at work and around money will be quite good for you today. You can feel lucky because the stars are spoiling you, and will help you bring up some brilliant ideas to be more efficient around the office.

You'll be able to find the weakest links in the production process, and make proposals to create some improvements. What's most satisfying about this is that you'll be heard and appreciated because of it.

Also, your highly interesting intuition allows you to guess what people don't say out loud; you'll manage to read between the lines and use everything you learn to reach the heights you're after.


You've got a health of steel and your physical state is nearly flawless. You'll be highly praised because of your looks, and with Venus' encouragement, you'll take the fullest advantage of your energy to do more sport than usual.

You really feel like taking better care of yourself food-wise, and the idea of spending hours on end in the kitchen to make delicious meals for your loved ones will make you very excited. You'll see that you can create absolute delicacies with healthy ingredients.

Some of you won't have too much of a bright mood. Try burning some bergamot incense, it'll cheer you up and get you going. You'll definitely want to escape your grey days.