Cancer Daily Horoscope for April 9

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If you have too much on your plate, this may cause you to neglect your loved ones, or at least, those who used to be.

Sometimes you obsess about being successful and reaching your goals in life, but this makes you forget about the others around you.

Can you consider a big house in the suburbs or a high-end car a success? And having a partner who is completely devoted to you?

You may need to reconsider your principles and value what you have, without taking it for granted because sometimes you are wrong and aren’t conscious of what you have (until you lose it, of course).

So, don’t cover up the Sun if it is shining on you for a reason, and if you have screwed up and hit rock bottom, a simple bouquet of flowers won’t make up for your mistakes. Try your best.


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In your own business, you will want to be on guard and avoid the pitfalls that your rivals will cause, or even your most direct competition.

Surveillance will be necessary when it comes to your natural credulity, as it will also make you more vulnerable when those around you can’t be trusted.

It’s not about becoming a meaner person but to get rid of unnecessary scruples that affect you when it comes to making important decisions in your professional life.

The formula to make honest money isn’t by using force but delicacy, good manners and courtesy.


Analyse and think about how much time you spend on your phone throughout the day, because sometimes it may turn into an obsession that you haven’t realized yet.

Test it, leave your phone at home in the morning, or even in the afternoon, and analyze how often you think about it, do you stress or even lost.

If you feel anxious thinking about people may be sending you messages or calling you, maybe you should realize that this is a serious problem and may need professional help.

For the rest, there won’t be major setbacks in your health, and if you have a wound or scar you will see them cure in a manner nearly disappearing in front of the naked eye.